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Video Stream Configuration:


  1. The video stream is high bandwidth and will require a consistent internet connection capable of a sustained download speeds of 3Mbs (5Mbs Preffered) for stable viewing. Optimal viewing will not occur without a constant connection. Lower bandwidth speeds will cause freezing and/or video fragmentation. You can test your bandwidth at
  2. The video stream is designed for DESKTOP COMPUTER VIEWING. Purchase this video PPV with the intent on watching it on a desktop computer
  3. Mobile Devices are not supported!
  4. Althought, mobile support/functionality is not supported. The stream has been successful on some mobile device platforms. Once the PPV has been purchased and you have your login/account info, you may attempt to login in with a mobile device. Again, mobile support/functionality is not guaranteed to work.
  5. If Stream freezes try refreshing the browser to re-initialize the stream
  6. Avoid concurrent downloading that may use up bandwidth.

Basic Instructions for Purchasing PPV Live Stream:

Tutorial Video – How to purchase the Pay Per View


  1. Select BUY and select package, enter PROMO code (if applicable).
  2. Then, follow the prompts in the streaming dialog window; you will need to supply your e-mail in order for the system to provide you with an activation code.
  3. If you have signed up for any events in the past, you can sign in with your email and password from before. If you do not remember, click “forgot password”
  4. Without closing the streaming dialog window, access your e-mail to retrieve the activation code which will be e-mailed to you.
  5. Retrieve that code from the e-mail and then enter it into the dialog window to obtain access. Enjoy the stream!


Tutorial Video – How to test your Internet connection speed

Questions and Concerns: