T-Weiss the Winner

T-Weiss the Winner

Ken Plaetinck, June 12, 2014 Winnipeg, MB – For the second time this year Ricky Weiss is a winner at Red River Coop Speedway.  The speedy #7W Late Model turned some heads as he found his way into victory lane at the Winnipeg track.  After starting the feature in 6th Weiss made short work of the competition.  The Headingly, Manitoba product took very little time to make his way to the front of the pack and keep it.   Mike Balcaen, who started in the fourth spot worked his way up to second, and at times looked like he could get past the young driver.  Steffan Snare from Hallock, Minnesota finished in 3rd, while Steinbach’s Mike Martin and Winnipeg’s Shane Edginton finished 4th and 5th respectively. Weiss now has a 5-point lead in the track overall standings, with Balcaen sitting in 2nd.

Darian Boyce pulled off a dramatic come from behind win in the Modified division.  Scott Greer of East St. Paul held the lead all the way to the last lap, that’s when Boyce opened up the throttle and plowed past the Greer at the finish line.   This was so close timing and scoring needed to use the transponder system to determine a winner.   Boyce started the race in the 5th spot, while Greer started in 7th.   Rick Delaine of Stoney Mountain,  Ward Imrie of Winnipeg, and Kevin Sexton of Lorette rounded out the top 5.  Boyce has now moved up in the standings, he is just 2 points behind Greer for the lead.

Greer was just a bumper away from back to back wins, but for Shawn Teunis he managed to complete the feat but with plenty of room behind him.  Teunis claimed his second win of the season in the Street Stocks. Jesse Pederson of Winnipeg finished second.  Badger, Minnesota’s Art Linert finished up in 3rd, while Andy Martens and Jesse Teunis rounded out the top 5.  Teunis leads the way in the point standings on Pederson by just 5 points despite winning the feature two nights in a row.

In Pure Stocks news, Derek Pollock made his return to victory lane after a long hiatus.  Pollock, who ran the rental racecar program in previous years, is back in the driver’s seat this year.  It isn’t Pollock’s intentions to race all year long, as his daughter will take wheel later this summer. Derek looked sharp the entire race,  starting on the pole and holding on to claim his first win since 2006. It wasn’t all easy for the 2T car, Kevin Delaine who was driving the 1K managed to put a little pressure on Pollock with just a few laps remaining.  Delaine started the race in 6th, and finished in 2nd. St. Norbert’s Roger Boisjoli claimed 3rd.  Ethan Frieson and Les McRae finished 4th and 5th.  Despite not winning the feature, it did propel Delaine to first in the track standings.  McRae trails him by just 3 points.

The B-Mods raced for the first time last night, and with a large number of cars.  15 cars made their way onto the track for their first official Thursday night show at the dirt oval. Paul Veert, who is the class driver rep, believes this is just the beginning of a great season of Midwest Modified racing.  Earlier in the off season he believed a Thursday night show might be what the doctor ordered for the young class to grow in numbers.  As for the action, Paul Veert had the car tuned just right.  Starting in second, he managed grab the lead early on and get the victory. James Wall, Rick Hamel, Jason Somack and Austin Hunter rounded out the top 5.

Rob Reese also picked up a win in the opening night for the 4 Cylinder class.  Shawn and Mike Perdonic finished 2nd and 3rd.   On a side note, Thursday night’s event was Heart and Stroke Night. Reese, whose wife works at the Heart and Stroke Foundation, donates a part of his winnings each night to the organization.